There are possibly many different definitions and levels of understanding for the term “healthy”. For instance, some doctors may only require that you don’t have severe infections, diseases or abnormalities and would then simply diagnose you as healthy. Some doctors on the more homeopathic or natural side of the medical field may do slightly different evaluations. Just because you aren’t diagnosed with a medical illness or disease, doesn’t mean there is possibly something that could be improved.

We’re not in the business of scaring people into believing they are un-healthy or convincing people that something is wrong. The fact that diabetes, neuropathy, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are illnesses that are very often brought upon the individual over time is quite interesting and is the actual point here. If for instance you began to notice the very early symptoms of these illnesses, it is quite possible to reverse the effects that have already been created before it is actually too late.

Some doctor’s may not take into account the earlier symptoms of these illnesses and because you aren’t actually diagnosed with an actual medical illness, they won’t be prescribing you the drugs or treatments they would to someone who actually has the full blown illness. Also, many doctors may tell you that you are experiencing early signs of this or that disease and may tell you how to possibly slow down the process of the illness on your body. The key really is locating what is causing this in your body, and then correctly healing the source. Many times it could be your diet or nutritional foods you are putting in your body, or possibly the vitamins or minerals and nutrients that your body is lacking. Always consult a doctor or physician.

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