natural-health-remediesReal Heath Vitamins is a site created for the real health problems in our society today.  Our purpose is to help you understand these conditions from beginning to end, so that you can begin to take control of the health problems in your life, and actually live the life you want. Many pains, symptoms and problems may exist, but there are few WORKABLE solutions. In a world filled with information and marketing to take this or that pill, follow this or that diet, one fad to the next, it is key for you to get the true facts, and follow a simple formula for success.

The information provided on this website will educate you on the various conditions. We will keep it as simple as possible to help you understand the reason why you have a condition, and what you can do about it.  We believe that once you fully understand the true and correct facts about these conditions you’ll be able to take action and do something about it. At the least, you will have more knowledge with which to proceed with the help of a licensed physician.
What is Neuropathy nerves firing
The first real growing health problem today that is crippling many people in our society with no real solution, other than more medical drugs, is a condition called Neuropathy. Neuropathy (nerve damage or nerve pain)   has many different names and categories such as: Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetic Neuropathy, non-Diabetic Neuropathy and many others. The condition has many symptoms which are painful and crippling if you have them, some of the symptoms are subtle, while others are downright unbearable. Even the subtle symptoms, if not treated, may rapidly develop into more extreme pains if not treated correctly and early enough.  Pains may include burning or tingling in the legs, feet, toes, arms, hands and fingers.

Diabetes has and is a growing condition in America. With the western civilization very heavy in sugars and carbohydrates, our health has become filled with foods that contribute to Diabetes. There are two types of Diabetes, but in the main, type 2 Diabetes is what will be discussed here. Not only is it important to understand what Diabetes is, but also how it is caused and what the solutions are to handle your body if you do have type 2 Diabetes. Also, you will learn how to live a lifestyle so that you never have to be diagnosed with Diabetes.

High blood pressure and High Cholesterol are two other ailments we will discuss and go into so as to bring about an understanding of these conditions, as well as their solutions.

There are many other real health conditions which are covered here and we welcome you to look through this information, so as to help find the true, correct and helpful facts.

There are solutions to these conditions that can be correct and you don’t need to live with the pains and discomfort.  With proper nutrients and real food vitamins that your body can absorb, you can be on the upswing. Your body can and actually will heal itself, sometimes it just needs a little help from you.

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