The branch of medical science that deals with the study of functions, analysis and malfunctions of nervous system is called neurology. Neuropathy is a term, which is associated with disorders of the nervous system and its nerves.

Our body consists of a gigantic network of nerves located in every part of our body. The system of nerves or the nervous system is responsible for carrying stimulations as electronic pulses which are ultimately read by brain. There can be damage or harm to any of these nerves in any part of our body. Neuropathy is compilation of such disorders.

Classification of neuropathy-

Neuropathy can be classified according to the type of illness causing it or the type of nerve it affects. It is commonly classified as per the location of nerves affected by it. For e.g.:

–         Peripheral neuropathy refers to disorders in the nerves present outside the spinal cord and brain. It affects the extreme portions of the nervous system like legs, hands, arms, feet etc.

–         Autonomic neuropathy deals with malfunctions of the nerves controlling involuntary functions of human body. This includes nerves responsible for digestion, heart and blood circulation etc.

–         Focal neuropathy is confined to a nerve or a bunch of nerves. Symptoms for this disorder become evident unexpectedly.

–         Cranial neuropathy refers to damage of the cranial nerves. There are two fundamental categories of cranial neuropathy- auditory neuropathy and optical neuropathy. As they suggest, auditory neuropathy refers to damage to nerves carrying hearing signals from ear to brain and optical neuropathy refers to disorder in nerves carrying visual signals from eye to brain.

Causes of neuropathy

In most of the cases, neuropathy does not occur within a known reason. While the rest is caused due to a single prominent disease called diabetes. It is stated that fifty percent of diabetic patients suffer from neuropathy of one type or another. Remaining ones are caused due to a number of other reasons. This category is called acquired neuropathy. People who extensively type on keyboard and people performing other such repetitive tasks overstress their nerve endings leading to acquired neuropathy. Some causes are attributed to a lack of vitamins in the human body; specifically vitamin B, alcohol intake, immune diseases similar to lupus, tumor growth that damages nerves, hereditary diseases and exposure to various toxins.


Although neuropathy has various symptoms depending on the type, most of the symptoms are still common.  In peripheral neuropathy, numbness in that part of body gradually occurs. There may also be problems in determining joint positions which leads to frequent falls. In contrast there might be problem of increased sensitivity.  Cramping, reduced reflexes, reduction in accumulated muscles and loss of dexterity are some symptoms which occur when there is damage to motor nerves. Motor nerves are responsible for controlling movements in human body. Certain symptoms like nausea, abdominal bloating following meals, difficulty in urination, dizziness, blurred vision, heat intolerance, low sugar levels in blood and impotence are prominent symptoms of autonomic neuropathy which manage functions of the glands and organs.


Treatments for neuropathy vary with the cause of the disorder. Persons suffering from this disease can look forward to various treatments. The most important factor is changing the habits that precipitated the condition in the first place. We have supplements that can help replenish the body with the vital nutrients necessary to treating the condition.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy affecting the foot reduces sensation of pain and causes chances of sores and other infections. Feet must be properly washed using warm water every day and dried well. The person should never walk barefooted. For proper checking of feet, regularly look for blisters and incises. Massaging the feet enhances the circulation of blood. In addition, if a person is a smoker, they should quit smoking for improved circulation. Last but not least, they should take the necessary supplements to address the deprivation that caused the condition in the first place.


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