What if you’re the kind of person who has always had a very healthy lifestyle, but yet you still are experiencing problems with your body? Is it only hereditary? The answers can sometimes seem puzzling, especially if you or someone you know is experiencing something like this. You know, you’re told to do a diet from your doctor or nutritionist, so you follow the orders exactly. Maybe it was to cut out carbohydrates, or maybe it was to increase the protein. I know even as children we’re all told what we should eat certain foods and stay away from others – some of us listen, and some of us don’t, but yet very often it seems that the individuals who didn’t listen, and ate nothing but sugar, are still living healthy and those that followed the vegetable and meat instructions are now having difficulty.

Every person’s body make-up is slightly different than one another. Sure, we all basically have the same organs and we have eyes, nose, etc. But… the way each of respond to certain foods and nutrients can each be different.

There is also the factor that, which aligns with the above fact that we are each slightly different, that the hereditary fact remains. Our bodies have a certain ancestral path and the evolution of our bodies through the ages definitely plays a huge factor in how our bodies react to certain foods. It is no myth that wherever we originated from could play a huge part. For instance, our ancestors that came from northern hemisphere of the eastern civilization would’ve grown used to eating foods a lot different than those who came from the southern hemisphere.  Over thousands of years, we would therefore each have bodies that are slightly different in how we interact with the foods and nutrients that we give to our bodies.

Additionally, our bodies were not necessarily made to live and survive beyond a certain point. Many of the oldest people on the planet have reached just passed the age of 100, with the normal age of death being closer to 78. Someone in their 50’s may have a tough time looking at themselves not be able to run like they were 20 years old anymore. Part of it may definitely be because of the foods they have given themselves, but there also is the simple fact that as bodies get older and weaker, so does all of their functioning abilities. Sometimes, this may simply be the problem.

Vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements will often help to relieve the pain or discomfort.

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