Is it possible to live a healthy lifestyle with only natural medicines and remedies? What are the natural remedies that are even possible? What’s the point of taking the natural route if we can get the same result from a manufactured drug?

While, the answer isn’t always so clear, especially with our current societies marketing and advertising being the way it is. Your body actually came from the earth, and the foods that we eat all come from the earth in one way or another. If we are eating fruits and vegetables, they grow directly from the nutrients and soil from the earth. If we are eating meats, it is coming from animals who in turn got their nutrients to survive from the earth. There are some meats that are genetically grown, but then you get the result of someone eating McDonald’s for years, and the sight often isn’t very pretty or healthy.

Natural medicines and supplements simply means those medications and supplements that come from the earth. They aren’t made in a laboratory from different chemical compounds. Chemists have advanced to a large degree, sometimes able to re-create the basic gene or compound of something without using the actual thing. After numerous testing, it has always been found that the actual natural item is always more beneficial to the body than one that is laboratory modified. It only makes sense really.

Imagine your body as a machine. Depending on the quality and richness of the food that you put into, gives it different performance. Just like a car using different types of gas or oil, your body will also respond differently depending on the types of fuel that you are giving it. You can try and fool a car by using something close to gas, but not the right thing, and it may work a little bit. However, it won’t work exactly correctly, and eventually things might start springing leaks. It’s a similar story for your body.

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