DiabetesWhile there are certain symptoms of Diabetes, and they can be spotted.

Type 1 Diabetes very commonly has frequent and abnormal urination, as well as increased hunger and thirst, the Diabetic may encounter unusual weight loss. Emotionally, he or she may also become irritable and may have fatigue issues. These symptoms are seen in a type 1 diabetic, but also may be seen in someone who is developing type 2 diabetes.

In someone developing type 2 diabetes , the signs are sometimes subtle. Over many  years the symptoms may become gradually worse and worse, therefore not be noticed as the symptoms of diabetes are slowly taking effect on the body. The diabetic may be experiencing frequent infections or infections in the skin, gums or bladder. Other side effects or symptoms include blurred vision and trouble with eyesight, cuts and/or bruises that are abnormally slow to heal and tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.

Because of the blood sugar levels in the body, and the actual effect that diabetes is having on your body, the above symptoms of diabetes may be occurring at an increasingly acute rate, depending on the stage of diabetes.

If you or a loved one is experiencing the symptoms above, then it is time to look at the options with diabetes treatment so that it doesn’t get worse. The good thing is, you are at the right place. Many times doctors and physicians will want to prescribe drug after drug for a diabetes patient. Often, this doesn’t handle the underlying situation that is actually causing the abnormal blood sugar levels and at Wellness Support Network, we have cut through the false information and actually found the simple solution that works. The body works best with real food nutrients. Rather than giving the body more drugs to combat something that is related to your food intake, the correct food nutrients that correct the underlying situation is what is required.

A doctor and/or physician should always be consulted. Some times there are proper medications that need to be taken for certain conditions.

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