Do you have to answer yes to any of the following questions?

I have balance issues

I lose my balance

I stumble

I walk with a cane

I have to use a cane to walk

I can’t walk

I can’t feel my feet

I have balance problems

I’m wobbly

I’m unsteady (on my feet)

If so, there may be something wrong, that can actually be fixed. It is true that old age does cause some of these things to occur. However, what if these effects could be lessened? What if these things are actually caused by different elements we are causing to our bodies?

If you could release yourself from the pain of walking with a  cane, losing your balance, stumbling and not being able to walk at all, what would you be willing to give for that? While I think it’s a simple answer. There probably is nothing more de-moralizing than being able to use your own body to function with the minimal points of survival in life. I understand that would be one of the hardest things to go through. Not many months or years ago you were able to walk, drive, get from one place to another and now you can’t even get up off a chair without assistance. That must be hard.

The solution can sometimes seem far, or even not possible, but the basic approach to living a healthier lifestyle and achieving better balance and stability in your life may be simpler than you imagine. Taking the correct foods, nutrients and vitamins can sometimes have your body back to normal faster than you think.

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