Today’s society is riddled with pharmaceutical drugs. This is not hard to see. The amount of money in the pharmaceutical industry is unparalleled. There is currently a drug to heal almost every kind of symptom, illness, ailment, disease and mental disorder whether real or imagined. Due to certain groups actively pushing to have the population properly educated, most of the pharmaceutical companies advertisements now even have a lengthy description of the side effects and possible harm of many of these prescription drugs. Many times the advertisement is over 50% explaining the side effects caused by these drugs.

The harmful side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs can sometimes create more and more symptoms in the body. For instance, someone could be taking medication for high cholesterol or diabetes, and due to the new symptoms being brought on, they are simply prescribed more medications to combat the new symptoms, while the original medications can sometimes actually be the cause. As you see here, if actually locating and handling the correct problem first, instead of being on two different medications, it is possible to live a true homeopathic lifestyle with simple diet, nutrition, exercise and vitamin programs. A doctor should always be consulted if you are currently taking any medications. Our goal is to improve the experience with your doctor, so taking different medication/supplements while under the care of a doctor should always consult your doctor first.

It is true that this is not always the case, but many times it is. There are severe conditions that do actually require medical drugs. The point here is that very often there are simpler handlings that aren’t damaging to your body and health.

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